DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

April 11, 2016

Lauren Groeper

With Coachella coming up to kick of the start of the music festival scene this year, I wanted to take a stab at creating one of my favorite festival looks – the flower crown.  There’s just something about a pretty set of blooms that breathes life – whether it’s into an outfit or at an event.  When my friend Abby was in town last weekend we headed over to Michael’s to pick out some flowers and give it a go!  We both thought it would be best to try out this craft with fake flowers first, but make them look as real as possible (ie. non of the overly plastic, gigantic fake blooms).

After watching a few different tutorials online, I was happily surprised at how easy it was to create a crown I loved.  See below for the DIY instructions!

Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

What you’ll need:

– green floral tape

– green grapevine wire

– scissors

– a few stems of your favorite flowers (real or fake)

– wire cutters (if needed to cut the thicker fake flower stems)




Step 1) Begin by bending the green wire into a circle to fit around your head.  You may have to play around with the sizing a bit here.  I used a full circle of wiring for my crown, while Abby stuck with a half circle for hers.

Step 2) Select which flowers you want to use and begin trimming them down so that just a little bit of their stem remains.  Remember, you don’t want to completely remove the stem because you’ll need it to secure the flower to the wire.

Step 3) After your flowers are trimmed, place the crown wire on the ground in front of your and begin arranging the flowers around the wire until you’re satisfied with the look you want.  Both Abby and I used a mix of big and small flowers, plus some greenery for an overall natural and delicate look.

Step 4) Finally, use the floral tape to put the crown together by wrapping the tape around the wire and flower stem.  Repeat until all of the flowers are secured and in place.

Step 5) Rock that crown!  Bring some bobby pins on the day of to secure the crown to your head, then dance your heart out.


Flower Crown


Flower Crown

Photography by Lindsey Boluyt Photography.

Clothing by Inspyre Boutique: On Lauren – Zodiac Sign Necklace, Arrowhead Rosary Necklace, BBD Burgundy Dress, Double Zero Ivory Duster; On Abby – Jack Kona Fur Vest


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