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Drop It Like It’s Hot Kettlebell Workout

January 18, 2016

Happy Monday!  Today I’m sharing one of my all time favorite toning workouts that I originally found on Women’s Health.  Seriously, it’s so simple, takes about 15-20 mins and definitely tones you up!  My friend and workout buddy Lauren helped me demonstrate each move below.  Before we get started, here are a few quick notes…

*What is a kettlebell?

The main equipment used for ballistic exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility.  Ie. Fantastic for getting more done in less time!  The kettlebell allows you to work multiple muscles simultaneously.

*What do you need for this workout? 

Grab a 10 – 15 lb kettlebell and complete the circuit below 2-3 times, resting 1-2 minutes in between each circuit.  For the best results, complete this workout 3x per week.

Kettlebell 1

1) Hold the kettlebell directly in front of you with two hands.  Swing it to the right fully around your body and repeat 10x.  Then switch sides.

Kettlebell 2

2) Grip the kettlebell with your right hand and place your left hand on your left knee for balance.  Pull your elbow straight back and then release back to the starting position.  Repeat 10x and then switch sides.

Kettlebell 3

3) Begin by gripping the kettlebell loosely in front of you with both hands.  Keeping your back straight, squat until the kettlebell touches the floor.  Repeat 12x.

Kettlebell 4

4) For the next exercise you’ll be moving the kettlebell between your legs in the shape of a figure 8.  Start by tucking the kettlebell back behind your left leg, then bring it around the front and back behind your right left.  Repeat the sequence 12x.

Kettlebell 5

5) Lay down with your legs flat and hold the kettlebell up with your right hand.  Keeping the kettlebell in the same position, do a sit up.  Repeat 5x on each side.

Kettlebell 6

6) Hold the kettlebell in front of you with both hands.  Swing back in between your legs and then push out in front of you.  Repeat 20x.

Kettlebell 7

7) Hold the kettlebell straight up with your right hand, legs apart.  Slowly slide your left hand down your left leg until you reach your ankle, then slide back up.  Repeat 5x and then switch sides.

Kettlebell 8

8) Lastly, flip the kettlebell upside down and grip with both hands, feet apart.  Hold steady and squat.  Repeat 12x.

Kettlebell 9


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.15.21 PM

Raising the Barre

August 10, 2015


I have been looking for a way to mix up my workout routine, so this weekend I invited my friend Lauren to try out a Pure Barre class with me.  For those of you who are not familiar with Pure Barre, this is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that focuses on toning by completing very small movements to exhaust and strengthen the muscles.  Some of these movements are done using a ballet barre, hence the name.  Don’t worry, you don’t need any ballet experience at all to participate – Pure Barre is available for all women of any age, shape or size!

FullSizeRender-7  FullSizeRender-9

As you can see, Lauren and I were excited to get started!  Now I’m not going to lie, the class was pretty challenging for me.  I normally workout several times per week, but those workouts are mainly cardio-based.  Pure Barre was more challenging because it’s all strength training and toning using your own body weight.  I was sore the next day, but the good kind of sore when you know you had an amazing workout that could change your body.  I decided to purchase the 1-month unlimited class pass and am looking forward to getting stronger!

Here are some important notes about Pure Barre if you’re thinking of trying it out:

What will I experience in class? – Each class is 55 minutes long and includes the following:

– Warm Up

– Arm Sculpting (with light weights)

– Thigh Toning (using the ballet barre)

– Lift Seat (lifting your legs with small movements to tone legs & glutes)

– Abs

– Cool Down

It is best to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to get situated and grab your equipment – a set of light weights, a ball and a tube.  Also, I would recommend bringing a bottle of water.  (I ended up getting a bit more sweaty than I would like to admit!) 🙂

How much does it cost? – The first class is free!  If you like it, then you can purchase a 1-month unlimited class pass for $100.  After that, you can choose from the other class packages here.  Note: Be sure to look up pricing based on the Pure Barre location nearest to you.

What should I wear? – You should wear longer leggings or capris and a tank top or long-sleeved shirt that covers your midriff.  Do not wear shorts – you have to grip a tube between your knees for certain exercises and this is harder to do with bare skin.  Also, if you plan to attend multiple classes, I would recommend investing in a pair of sticky socks.  These socks have a grip on the bottom to keep you from sliding during your workout – very helpful!  Note: For your first time, the studio should have a pair of socks that you can borrow. 

For any of you Pure Barre fans out there, are there any other tips you would recommend?  How has this workout impacted you?


Feeling toned & fabulous after class.

Let me know if you try it out and what you think!  


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.15.21 PM