Blooming Lettered Centerpiece DIY

June 30, 2016

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today I’m so excited to share a DIY tutorial that I’ve put together after coming across this similar monogram DIY from Lulu’s.  This tutorial is perfect for anyone who’s looking to add a personal feminine touch to your workspace, living room, or even your bathroom!

When I started putting together the design for my living room space in my new apartment last year, I found that I was very drawn to a classic, romantic Parisian style.  I elected to have a color scheme with black, white, gray/light blue, and pops of red.  My friend gave my a lamp shaped like the Eiffel Tour, which matched perfectly with the beautiful photo I found that overlooked the city of Paris.  My mom also found some pretty rose pillows that fit the aesthetic perfectly!  (…The older I get the more I’m convinced my mom is a superhero.  How does she always manage to find the most perfect items that I always seem to miss?!)

The final key item I’d been struggling to add was a beautiful centerpiece that lent another pop of color.  Well, needless to say I’m in love with this “Amour” blooming lettered centerpiece.  The French word for love spelled out with red roses definitely completes my Parisian living room and adds just the right amount of beauty and romance to tie all of the other Parisian accents together.

Okay, now it’s your turn!  See below for instructions on how to create a similar DIY piece.  You can use whatever word and flowers that you want to make it completely custom.  Enjoy friends!

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

– Fake flowers of your choice & color

– Wire Cutter

– Paper mache letters for your word of choice (here are the ones I used)

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial


Lay out your paper mache letters in front of you and clip several pieces of each of the fake flowers you elected to use.  I clipped the flowers with my wire cutter right at the base so that there was just a tiny bit of the stem still remaining.

Next, arrange the flowers in the order you prefer by sticking them into the holes of the lettering.   I started by placing in the larger red roses, and then adding the smaller white and green floral accents around them.  (If needed, you can use a hot glue gun to secure the flowers completely.)

Make sure your flowers are all in place or let your glue dry, and enjoy your new decor!

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial

Blooming Lettered DIY Tutorial



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