Bachelorette Weekend in Des Moines

September 16, 2016

Bachelorette Party

Growing up, my sisters and I always talked about what our dream weddings would look like – mainly who our bridesmaids would be and what we would wear.  The girls you invite to stand up with you on your wedding day are almost as important as the groom, right?  Since there were three of us sisters, we made a plan that we would each get a turn to be the Maid-of-Honor at each other’s weddings.  When Cait got engaged this past year though, she did what all brides do best – she broke the rule and asked both Sarah and I to be her Maids-of-Honor.  We could not have been more thrilled!

Sarah and I soon started planning Cait’s bachelorette party.  After a very fun and successful celebration last month, I wanted to share a little bit more about what we did on our weekend in Des Moines for #CaitsLastFling!

Welcome To The Bride Squad

We all arrived at the Hyatt in downtown Des Moines on Friday night, and Sarah and I put together a welcome basket for each girl with some fun goodies.  These included:

– Bride + Bride Squad tees from HelloHandpressed

– Confetti poppers

– Mini champagne bottles

– Pink or red lipstick

– Flower crowns

– A water bottle

– Lots of sweets

– And lastly, an itinerary for the weekend

Bride Squad Bachelorette

Bachelorette Welcome Baskets

Single? Taken? Hungry ✓

One of the best parts of the weekend?  The food!  Per recommendations from local friends and family, here are some of the amazing places we tried:


On Friday night we tried out this urban Italian eatery that was a bit fancier than we expected!  Sarah, Cait and I split the Insalata Mista and The New Yorker pizza and were not disappointed!  This place would be really fun for a nice date or a nicer family celebration.

Java Joe’s Coffee House

A girl’s gotta caffeinate!  On Saturday morning we walked around the Des Moines farmer’s market and stopped in at this super cute and hipster coffee bar.  The line was literally out the door, but the coffee was definitely worth it!

+39 Italian

After the farmer’s market and coffee, we walked over to +39 to grab brunch (ie. the best meal of the day).  Cait and I split their Brunch Pizza and HOLY COW!  As a pizza and brunch lover it was the best of both worlds!

Eatery / A

On Saturday night we got dressed up and went to dinner at Eatery / A.  After eating lots of pizza earlier in the day, all of us decided on pasta or meat as our main dish.  I would definitely go back to try their wood-fired pizza since it’s their specialty, but the hanger steak with potatoes was fantastic too.  No complaints about Des Moines food!




Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was taking lots of photos with the Polaroid camera.  It was the first time any of us had used one, and was a lot of fun trying out different lighting to see what works best!

On Saturday we played some games in the afternoon, opened gifts and asked Cait to share a few of her favorite stories about her and Shawn.  After getting dolled up, we popped our confetti, grabbed our Bachelorette bucket lists, and headed to Mickey’s to dance the night away!


Bachelorette List




Bachelorette Confetti



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  1. Karolina

    Looks like loads of fun! Did you manage to tick all the boxes on the bucket list? 🙂

    I also love the last pick with confetti and shoes! I cannot wait for me to organise a hen party for my friend!


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