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Ladyplanner – Making Every Day a Special Event is a collection of ideas and thoughts about how to create meaningful “mini events” that add a bit of the extraordinary to our day-to-day routines.

It’s always exciting when a big event like a wedding, holiday, gala, etc. is coming up, but these special occasions only occur a few times each year.  Ladyplanner explores ways to make EACH DAY special and significant, whether it’s trying out a fun recipe, making a bold fashion choice, taking on a challenging new workout, going on an impromptu adventure or just drinking champagne on a Tuesday.  What can we do today that will enrich our lives just a little bit more and bring us one step closer to being the women we want to be?

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Head shot (right) & photo above by Lindsey Boluyt Photography

Hello, and welcome to Ladyplanner!  I’m Lauren and I started this blog as a creative outlet to encourage myself and others to live each day to the fullest.  After growing up in the Chicago suburbs and then living downtown for several years, I moved out to the greater Denver area in Colorado to begin a new adventure.  By day, I work as a wedding planner for Chancey Charm Denver and in my free time I enjoy yoga, hiking up in the mountains, sipping coffee at a cute cafe, reading crime novels and trying out new recipes.

Fun Facts:

*Nicknames: LG, Geige, Laur

*Favorite color: Bubblegum pink

*Pets: 2 black cats – Moses & Abraham

*All-time favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, The Killing

*Go-to drink: Pinot Noir or a Margarita

*Pet peeves: Tardiness, One-uppers

*Celebrity you would be best friends with: Emma Watson or Reese Witherspoon (it’s too hard to choose!) 

*Favorite everyday meal: Definitely breakfast – coffee (or an almond milk latte if I’m buying!), veggie & feta omelette with turkey bacon 

*Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Paris

*Song to sing in the shower: Acapella by Karmin

*You never leave the house without: Lip balm & sunnies



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  1. Jaime Lopez

    I just found your blog and it is lovely! So fun to find other Denver bloggers who have a great looking site and an unique perspective! Looking forward to following along and reading more.

    – Jaime

    1. Ladyplanner Post author

      Hi Jaime, Thanks so much for your sweet note! I feel the same way and just checked out your blog too! Would love to connect sometime in the city 🙂 Looking forward to being in touch!



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