Bachelorette Weekend in Des Moines

September 16, 2016

Bachelorette Party

Growing up, my sisters and I always talked about what our dream weddings would look like – mainly who our bridesmaids would be and what we would wear.  The girls you invite to stand up with you on your wedding day are almost as important as the groom, right?  Since there were three of us sisters, we made a plan that we would each get a turn to be the Maid-of-Honor at each other’s weddings.  When Cait got engaged this past year though, she did what all brides do best – she broke the rule and asked both Sarah and I to be her Maids-of-Honor.  We could not have been more thrilled!

Sarah and I soon started planning Cait’s bachelorette party.  After a very fun and successful celebration last month, I wanted to share a little bit more about what we did on our weekend in Des Moines for #CaitsLastFling!

Welcome To The Bride Squad

We all arrived at the Hyatt in downtown Des Moines on Friday night, and Sarah and I put together a welcome basket for each girl with some fun goodies.  These included:

– Bride + Bride Squad tees from HelloHandpressed

– Confetti poppers

– Mini champagne bottles

– Pink or red lipstick

– Flower crowns

– A water bottle

– Lots of sweets

– And lastly, an itinerary for the weekend

Bride Squad Bachelorette

Bachelorette Welcome Baskets

Single? Taken? Hungry ✓

One of the best parts of the weekend?  The food!  Per recommendations from local friends and family, here are some of the amazing places we tried:


On Friday night we tried out this urban Italian eatery that was a bit fancier than we expected!  Sarah, Cait and I split the Insalata Mista and The New Yorker pizza and were not disappointed!  This place would be really fun for a nice date or a nicer family celebration.

Java Joe’s Coffee House

A girl’s gotta caffeinate!  On Saturday morning we walked around the Des Moines farmer’s market and stopped in at this super cute and hipster coffee bar.  The line was literally out the door, but the coffee was definitely worth it!

+39 Italian

After the farmer’s market and coffee, we walked over to +39 to grab brunch (ie. the best meal of the day).  Cait and I split their Brunch Pizza and HOLY COW!  As a pizza and brunch lover it was the best of both worlds!

Eatery / A

On Saturday night we got dressed up and went to dinner at Eatery / A.  After eating lots of pizza earlier in the day, all of us decided on pasta or meat as our main dish.  I would definitely go back to try their wood-fired pizza since it’s their specialty, but the hanger steak with potatoes was fantastic too.  No complaints about Des Moines food!




Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was taking lots of photos with the Polaroid camera.  It was the first time any of us had used one, and was a lot of fun trying out different lighting to see what works best!

On Saturday we played some games in the afternoon, opened gifts and asked Cait to share a few of her favorite stories about her and Shawn.  After getting dolled up, we popped our confetti, grabbed our Bachelorette bucket lists, and headed to Mickey’s to dance the night away!


Bachelorette List




Bachelorette Confetti



A Month in Review + September Goals

September 8, 2016


Checking back in to let you know that YES, I’m still here!  August turned out to be one busy month, and after feeling a tad overwhelmed I decided to give myself a much needed blogging vacation.  Do you ever try to hold on so tight to something with the fear that you’ll lose it that you end up resenting it?  I had built up this fear in my head that blogging had to be ALL or NOTHING, but guess what?  Once I allowed myself to take a break (I gave myself a full month), I remembered why I love blogging in the first place, and slowly became excited to begin again!  I guess Elsa was right… sometimes you gotta #LetItGo 😉

So, some recaps from this month?

Bachelorette Party // My sister Sarah and I planned and hosted our sister Cait’s bachelorette party in Des Moines – yay!  I’ll be sharing a full post about this trip next week, so hang tight for more details!  Also, note to self: Please do not attempt to make a round-trip drive to Des Moines over a weekend ever again. That is all!

Bride Squad Bachelorette   Bachelorette

Bachelorette Party  confetti

Aspen // I took a little road trip to Aspen to explore the exclusive ski resort town and check out some exquisite wedding venues.  The St. Regis Aspen Resort, The Little Nell, T-Lazy 7 Ranch and Hotel Jerome each had such unique styles.  With Aspen Mountain or the famous Maroon Bells as your backdrop, you really can’t go wrong!

Aspen  Aspen

Aspen  Aspen

Fine Art Fairytale // I do a little happy dance every time I think of the recent fine art fairytale wedding editorial I collaborated on earlier this month with my friend and talented photographer Emily Sacco!  See below for some sneak peeks from her… more to come from a very talented team!

fairytale  fairytale

fairytale  fairytale

Balayage // I’ve never been very bold with my hairstyles, but have been itching to try something new and have my heart set on a beautiful balayage look for Fall.  I’m going to to go darker up top close to my natural color (think dark strawberry blond) + move lighter toward the ends with hand-painted subtle highlights… stay tuned!  (And click here to learn more and see if this look could work for you too.)

September Goals

Drink at home.

I’m getting better, but I still cringe at the amount of money I spend on fancy lattes (guilty!).  This Fall I’d love to learn how to make my own homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte, and make it often.  Both of these recipes look promising – here + here.


Even though I’ve lived in my apartment for almost 2 years, I’ve dropped the ball on really decorating it to feel like home.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  I always think that an apartment is so temporary so I don’t want to go all out with decor, but at the same time I really want to make the space my own.  I’ve decided it’s time to put some serious thought into what I want my apartment to look + feel like.

See the leaves.

Fall foliage tours are somewhat of a sport in Colorado.  I’m marking my calendar for a day trip up to Breckenridge and Aspen to see the leaves at their finest.  Ahh, I cannot wait!

What are your goals for this month?



Ladyplanner Turns One

August 4, 2016

One Year Anniversary Flowers

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” – Author Unknown

This week my blog, Ladyplanner, turns one year old.  Phew, I can hardly believe it’s been an entire year!  I started blogging with a couple different intentions.  I wanted a creative outlet that was entirely my own, that I could update, change and mold to my liking.  I hoped to encourage others and share ideas and thoughts about how to make each day special, whether that be by enjoying the seemingly mundane or preparing for a very extraordinary event.  And lastly, I think I actually liked the idea of using blogging as my form of journaling.  No matter how hard I try I just haven’t been able to get into the habit of journaling regularly by hand.  Pairing blog posts with pretty pictures made it more exciting.  The fact that I had to keep up with a blogging schedule also held me accountable!

I also started Ladyplanner in the midst of change.  I had just moved out to Colorado and was trying to build a new life here.  Then I left the corporate world to pursue wedding planning, and started a new branch of Chancey Charm in Denver.  Over the past year life has been full of uncertainty, but this blog has been my one constant and a place where I’ve truly felt that I can share my heart.

Thank you (sincerely) for joining me on this journey.  I can hardly wait to see what the next year brings, and hope that you’ll continue to join me for the ride.


Before you go…

For my blogiversary I also wanted to share my 10 favorite posts from the past year.  These are the special ones that I either really enjoyed writing and creating, or that were maybe a little difficult to write but received an overwhelming response.  Thanks again friends!

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A Snapshot of Austin




Eat. Sleep. Blog. Repeat.

July 21, 2016


(Photography by Corey Anthony Photography.)

Exclusive Denver Blogger Meetup

If you follow me on social media (which you should! 😉 ), you’ve seen lots of posts over the last week regarding an Exclusive Denver Blogger Meetup that I helped put together with my good friend Danielle from According To D.  Today, I’m sharing a little bit more about the background of the event, and how it turned out!

Earlier this year, Danielle shared the desire to host a get together for bloggers local to the Denver area.  As a relatively new resident of Colorado, I wholeheartedly agreed and the idea for the first blogger meetup was born!

Event Design & Inspiration

We brainstormed options for the event decor and aesthetic, and decided on a palette of gold, white, pink & cream to create a light, airy atmosphere with pops of color.  The queen of celebrations, Lauren Conrad, was our main influence as we scoured Pinterest and put together THIS INSPIRATION BOARD.


We were excited to join forces with the lovely ladies of Denver Style Magazine to host this event at their space in The Studio.  Their team also helped with promotion for the event, which helped make this event a tremendous success!  We also had the pleasure of working with the talented Corey Anthony Photography and the wonderful Emily of Froozer.  Seriously, Froozer’s frozen fruit snacks are seriously delicious AND a perfect healthy treat that feels like an indulgence – think Freeze Pops but way better!  Danielle and I are both so thankful for their participation!


Hosting an event for the first time is always a little scary.  Even though Danielle and I were both nervous we were encouraged by all of the RSVPs we received.  We both made some “blogger bites” for the event – mini cucumber sandwiches, watermelon, basil & feta bites, caprese salad bites, and confetti cake pops.  We also found the cutest mini coupes to serve white wine and rosé for the bloggers to sip on.  Some highlights of our decor include a glittery gold hashtag, a Blogger Love banner and an Eat Sleep Blog Repeat sign.

As the bloggers arrived and started to mingle, we started a game of Blogger Bingo to get the conversations flowing and to help everyone get to know each other a bit more.  At the end of the event, Corey captured some amazing shots of the entire group and individuals up on the rooftop with a perfect view of the Denver skyline.

That’s a Wrap

After all of the cleanup, Danielle and I wrapped up the night with some celebratory sushi from East Moon Asian Bistro (yum!).  Cheers to a successful event, with more to come!